Wymara Resort & Villas | Turks + Caicos

Luxury resort and villas in the Caribbean.

  • Scope

    Concept, Design, Development

  • Client

    Wymara Hotels Group

  • Year


This project was the result of a collaboration with the Strausberg Group, an LA-based agency providing a full complement of marketing services to diverse clients, including hospitality outfits, cities, and non-profit organizations. The focus of this project was to develop a lightweight, clean, and straightforward desktop and mobile experience.


Highly acclaimed Wymara Hotel Group is a lifestyle hospitality brand that strives to provide guests with an energetic social experience seamlessly coupled with modern luxurious service. Wymara Hotel Group prides itself in choosing locations that offer a diversity of daily excursions. From fine dining and sightseeing to art galleries and boutique shopping, the properties are capable of catering to even the most discerning guests.


One of the difficulties of this project was the heavy usage of videos in the background. The home page and resort are among the best examples of this practice. The client also needed a flexible solution to create and maintain a relatively large number of different pages. The new website also had to be integrated with the existing online booking service.


To maintain the low page load speed and also serve the highest quality content to visitors, we decided to host the videos on Vimeo. This decision allowed us to rely on Vimeo’s global servers to distribute our high-quality video content to our visitors without any investment on the servers.

Admin Panel Customization

We developed a highly flexible, customized, and light Wordpress theme to meet the requirements of this project. By using custom post types, we were able to create an isolated area for admin to manage content and sub-pages such as the Resorts, Rooms, Restaurants, Activities, and Packages. To make the booking experience even smoother, we captured and passed the room and other related reservation data to autofill the forms of our booking service partner.

Mobile Video Exprience