Bakery, Café, Catering in Venice, California

  • Scope

    Concept, Design, Development

  • Client

    Gjelina Group

  • Year


We had the experience to collaborate with the Gjelina Group to develop a new website for Gjusta, their signature bakery and cafe in Venice, CA. The scope of the project also included the design and development of a custom and lightweight WordPress theme.


Gjusta opened late Fall of 2014 as a commissary kitchen providing bread and other products for Gjelina Group’s other restaurants, Gjelina and GTA, but quickly grew to be much more. Gjusta is a California deli, bakery, café, and market influenced by traditional East Coast Delis, European Markets, and Parisian Bakeries.


The client wanted to have a minimal, user-friendly, and fast but yet informative and useful website. Running a bakery, cafe, deli, and market all under one roof with a catering service comes with its challenges. Keeping up with the ever-changing large menus is undoubtedly one of them. This website also had to address placing the larger catering orders.


The solution was an app-like responsive web-based interface focused on mobile screens. The simple and minimal design joined by the straightforward and convenient navigation brought an even more native experience to the mobile devices.

Catering Orders Form

Using a form was suggested as the solution to capture the large catering orders. This decision saved a countless number of hours during the initial development phase. This approach also allowed the client to avoid dealing with the support, complexity, and the security challenges of the regular e-commerce stores.

Admin Panel Customization

We transformed the WordPress standard admin interface to simplify the management of the extensive menus. Custom fields and views allow admin to easily update, add, or remove different parts and items of each category.